It has been a long time since guitar, bass and drums sounded this good,” said Inpress magazine of Knievel’s ‘Steep Hill Climb’ album, and on ‘Emerald City’ they are sounding better than ever.

Knievel’s new album ‘Emerald City’ is a gem. Emerald City is the fifth album from the band, comprising Connolly (vocals, guitar), Tracy Ellis (bass, vocals), Nick Kennedy (drums) and Tim Kevin (guitar).

Knievel formed in 1994 and released their first album on the Murmer label in 1995, followed by three more albums between 1997 and 2002: Steep Hill Climb, The Name Rings A Bell That Drowns Out Your Voice and No One’s Going To Understand In My Way more

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Knievel - Emerald CityKnievel - No One's Going to Understand in My WayKnievel - Through the Rainbow DarkKnievel - The Name Rings a Bell That Drowns Out Your VoiceKnievel - Steep Hill ClimbKnievel - We Fear Change